Little Eatery

Crepes & Baked Potatoes

Our secret? Fresh/Natural ingredients. Just that.

We have been with you since 2022. Our place met with immediate success, It got style, quality, taste, but above all fans of this kind, giving us strength to plan our next steps.
We experiment on a daily basis with our crepe pastry and the different forms that it can take.

Favorites From Our Menu

Baked Potato with Butter

Baked Potato with Butter and Cheese

Baked Potato with Dill and Vegetable Oil

Baked Potato with Vegetable Oil

Crepe Choco-Berry

Crepe Marshmallow-Hersheys

Crepe Tomato salad

Crepe Spinach Mushroom

 Order Crepes or Baked Potatoes Online with Little Eatery, South Miami’s Favorite Locally Owned & Operated !!

Welcome to Little Eatery !! Our family-owned & operated South Miami Little Eatery is one of the most popular, top-rated food companies in the South Florida region – City of South Miami. We provide a high level of service, working with our guests to create the best flavor Crepes and Baked Potatoes to meet their tastes.
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Provide the image of your Company’s success with Fresh Products and Unique Recipes. The first byte is everything, there is only one chance to wow you on your taste.

So come to our place or order online using popular delivery services to Taste our Crepes and Baked Potatoes.